Friday, March 5, 2010

"Well, Watson, we seem to have fallen upon evil days. "

Well, I have a broken nose, a mild concussion and lots O' bruises. Some man, who wasn't a douche bag, he was actually very polite and had my well being as his top priority. He failed to yield to me as he was turning left and I was traveling Northbound. He hit me head on, causing to dig under my tires and causing my lovely Jeep to take flight...and then roll...and roll...and roll...and roll...and skid to halt sideways.

I remember telling myself to be as calm as possible and to just be awake when it stopped. I gripped my hands around the steering wheel and locked my arms and tucked my face between my arms until I stopped spinning. I remember being so scared, but trying to hold myself together long enough to get myself out of the vehicle.

As soon as I stopped spinning, I unbuckled my seat belt, not realizing I'm completely upside down and I will myself to crawl out of the Jeep window and get to safety before I fell to pieces.

Well I got to safety and my mind was a scattered mess. However, everyone involved is alive and well, which is the most important. Both vehicles involved are completely demolished. They will never live to see another day. I'd like to say thank you to Zach, who helped pulled me out and would not leave my side. Most other people would only have cared about themselves.

I am safe, although greatly battered and bruised.

Signing off...
Dr. Watson

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